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Super High School Level Bad Luck
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Task XV


“I have a little announcement for you all! One of your friends in those videos… is actually the one who locked you up in here! Upupu~! Can you believe that? How cruel! They must really be sick in the head right? Nyoho~! Now just think… who can you really trust here? The mastermind is among you…but who could it be?! No one can be trusted~!!”

image ”No one… can be trusted…?

Chiri let the words sink in again, though he couldn’t even find the slightest twinge of fear or panic this time around; he was numb and calm, head pounding slightly as the reverberating memories from the tapes still ran about the corners of his mind. He had been given a taste of the truth—of the events preceding and leading up until now!—and all he wanted was a final resolution as an ultimatum. He’d be damned to let his spirits falter after all the promises he had made—he wouldn’t allow them to break this time!

“I really don’t want to believe that one of us is the mastermind… but..”

Chiri looked about the room, some of his fellow friends and classmates already fleeing the scene or breaking down entirely—even Keiji of all people had seemed to lose his faith within those around him; No. Not again. Not another cycle of tragedies…! Not if he could help it! They had all made it this far… they couldn’t lose hope!

                   —But… would anyone be willing to listen to him?

“I don’t know about you guys… but I refuse to let this get to me.These stupid motives have done nothing but manipulate us into killing each other out of fear and worry for our lives and those close and precious to us… Even if the culprit we’re looking for is one of us, isn’t that all the more reason to try to get them to step up and reveal themselves? To get answers and get out of here?! Haha, I mean, the Mastermind must be getting desperate if they’re willingly pulling this sort of thing now…”

Standing up abruptly, the Jokester had forgotten about his tender wounds and doubled over against the nearest wall, arms wrapped tightly against his abdomen as he cursed lightly under bated breaths. At such a crucial place and time such as now… to have this crippling handicap was the absolute worst. He needed to be there for everyone, to start getting the answers they needed and—

“Ugh..! Unh..”

A sudden sharp pang of pain shot through his torso, spine bending under the will of his wounds as he resisted losing consciousness. Lifting a hand, a blotch of fresh crimson stuck to his palm from his bandages, brows furrowing as he clenched it, nails burrowing into the sticky skin. It hurt… but it couldn’t have been anything close to what the others had felt during their deaths and executions.. 

image “No matter what… I’m going to put my trust into all of you until the bitter end…

Kouki wanted to act cool and aloof, as if he didn’t believe a word the bear had said, as if the whole video had been fabricated.

He couldn’t. The seeds of doubt had been planted. He was already suspicious of the people around him. His eyes darted back and forth between his classmates. The few who were still alive and breathing. So, one of them was the mastermind, right? Was that possible…? He entertained the thought. In his head, he tried to think which one of them would be the most suspicious.

It was only when Chiri spoke that he snapped back into reality. That speech…made him think that Mochizuki was the least suspicious out of all of them. However, the other boy’s speech was short lived, although it somewhat helped dissuade most of Kichiro’s doubts, as he practically keeled over. Something told Kouki that Chiri was his responsibility now (it was probably guilt and regret, considering Chiri’s closest friends were dead), and he was at his side almost immediately.

"Hey— Don’t push yourself!" He snaked an arm around the black-haired boy’s shoulder and attempted to help hoist him up. Shit, what was he supposed to do… Probably take him back to the infirmary. He… He trusted the others could handle the situation while they were gone, right? Shit, now was not the time for doubts! His friend’s health was more important right now! He looks up at the group of people and makes his own type of announcement.

"We’re going to the infirmary."

And he turns back to Chiri. "Right?"

His question sounds more like an affirmation than anything.

so i mentioned a present and
if u cant tell what its gonna be by the title

so i mentioned a present and

if u cant tell what its gonna be by the title

exploration. (shslbadluck)


She raised an eyebrow at the boys show of formality. He kind of looked like a mess. It was much appreciated, even if she couldn’t hold back a small giggle at his stuttering. The fashion designer put on a smile and shook his hand firmly.

“I suppose not. I’m Mizushima Midori, fashion designer, former model. All sorts of boring stuff. Nice to meet you! And your skill is…what, again? I’m pulling a blank, wahaha!”

While the girl looked a little apologetic, her grin made it fairly clear that even though she was quite formal, she didn’t take herself too seriously.

“Anyhow, thanks for the help! Let’s get started here…Hopefully there’s something useful, there’s so much junk to look through! Can’t slack off though, if we want out of here…”

The girls heels clicked against the hard floor as she made her way over to the nearest cabinet. Opening them, she stared with little interest. This was going to be boring. She hoped Kouki would be good company for her. But what was there to talk about? Dead people?

“I’m not so certain the bear would leave us a clue around in such an obvious place…But it’s worth a try, you know?” Midori spoke, as she rummaged through the cabinet, looking rather distant from her self-imposed task.

Sloppy formality, if anything. And describing him as a mess was perfect, to be honest. The giggling? He didn’t mind.

It was the fact she’d asked for his skill. He avoided her gaze, looking to the right, left, anywhere else… Bad Luck. That’s my skill… He hoped that she wouldn’t remember anything…bad. Not that she wouldn’t, right?

I guess.

… He stares at her for a moment before questioning. You okay…?

Why though?



Ah, Chiri… Okay, then. 

I’m not really Momoko, though. I feel strange speaking for her actions. The best I can do is just try to help you now. 

Confusion hit her as Chiri was distracted by something she couldn’t see. He spoke words she couldn’t hear, and, judging by his facial expression, he wasn’t very happy.

Chiri? What’s happening? 

God, being a laptop was annoying. Momoko couldn’t help but pout as some sort of conversation happened without her.

And then suddenly Kouki’s message came in.

Uh… It’s okay. 

I guess. 

…Sorry for killing your friend. 

I'm aware that you're just a computer program.. but nonetheless, I care about you all the same. Shiori too. All of you.. I'm grateful to have met you. The odds are against me, especially now, but... I'm going to continue to look for a way out of here. 

It was hard to put emotion into simple typed words; he wished he could convey how he felt in a stronger means, but, alas, that would be near impossible considering Momoko’s current state. But hopefully, a reassuring smile could make up for anything lost between each stroke of a key. 

Once Kouki had taken over the typing for the moment, Chiri watched him  a careful expression. He wasn’t a bad guy—like Chiri, he was prone to action and saying things based on his emotions—perhaps he had responded too harshly…

After all, it wasn’t as if he could hold anything against his fellow classmate like that.


“—Sorry for exploding on you like that Kichiro-san.. that was uncalled for on my part. But surely, no one should be pointed fingers at… um..”

It was a little sudden perhaps, but since the jokester assumed he would be stuck in such predicament for some time—at least until it was comfortable to move around again that is—now was a better time than ever to attempt establishing some sort of bond…

“Uh, it must be lonely keeping to yourself.. so you can talk to me if you ever need an ear. I hope we can become better friends from here on out…. If that’s okay…?

It’s fine. 

No, you were justified. And I get what you mean, really. 

He holds out his hand.

He doesn’t smile. In fact, he doesn’t seem to shift his expression even slightly from the deadpan he wore. But he does appreciate the gesture, and so he says that he’ll do that whenever the need arises, and that Chiri can do the same. If you ever need someone to sob over or whatever guys…tend to do when their depressed, come to me. I’ll try my best from now on. He guesses.

exploration. (shslbadluck)



Midori held her head in her hands as she sat in the chemistry room. She had no interest in chemistry in the slightest, or science in general, but the chemistry lab had yet to be explored. She dreaded this.

As expected, it was a complete borefest and she was totally overwhelmed by the bottles upon bottles of junk she could barely read the names of. Midori quickly grew tired of searching around, and had decided to take a moment to gather her thoughts.

Nice, quiet, alone…That was, until someone stumbling in interrupted her thoughts completely.

“Hmm? Oh. Hey, there. Don’t mind me, I was just looking around in here. You can help out, if you want. N..Not that I got anything done in the first place, really.”

The girl smiled, giving a slight wave at the rather unfamiliar person.

And stumbling in was a pretty accurate description of how Kouki entered the room, having tripped over his own two feet and almost fallen onto the floor. He caught himself, though.

Huh— Oh, uh. I just— Yeah, I can help. He fumbles with his words, not recognizing this person entirely. Of course he knew this girl from the trials, but not that well… He hadn’t really spoken to her outside of those type of things. Cautiously, he walks over to Midori…and holds out his hand.

We…don’t know each other all that well, right? My name is Kouki Kichiro.

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will be on tonight so Help Me God


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replies i owe:

Why though?



Even though Chiri smiled, Momoko’s programming knew it wasn’t genuine. As she took in his typing, she processed how to respond.


No, I messed up. 

I hurt you and I killed both Marlowe and Yuko. It’s so strange to think back on these events. 

I guess it wasn’t “me” who did it, it was the real Momoko. Who, despite my programming, I can never truly be. 

Had Momoko been alive and not a laptop, she probably would’ve cried, but her emotions still felt dulled and artificial. Looking at Chiri through the lens of the webcam, she smiled.

I think that the real Momoko had a lot of problems. I think that everyone here does, thanks to the situation. So I want to help you save everyone however I can. 

Momoko... it's not your fault though. You... weren't the one to blame. At least I don't think so. No one ever wanted to become a murderer or victim in this place. Please, don't speak so harshly of yourself. The little sister I knew was a sweet girl deep down; I know it. ■

Knowing that he probably tipped her off towards the despair clenching at his heart,Chiri tried to be a little more loose, giving a lighter smile and making sure his words sounded more pleasant (if they even could be considering their context; how did one brush off death and murder with a happy tone? This place was warping his personality completely… it feels like only yesterday where he could barely look at a corpse, let alone talk about it so freely.)

About to type his follow up response, Kouki’s voice beside him caught his attention midway

…Why’d you care about her so much again?

Such a strange question to ask, it nearly threw Chiri for a loop. As if he had to even answer such a thing…! Kouki probably hadn’t meant any harm by it, but it did get under Chiri’s skin just ever so slightly.

“I don’t know; just as anyone else can care about a friend or close acquaintance, I guess?  We’re all classmates here, so why shouldn’t we get along and help one another? Isolating yourself won’t do you any good; that sort of thing…This place is what drove her over the edge—it’s for that very reason that she was pushed to act so desperately… I’m sure, if at another place and time, you could’ve seen how sweet and charming Momoko really was…”

Fingers pausing over the keys, he couldn’t keep his brows from furrowing, averting his gaze to the side as to prevent any frivolous glares from reaching either the laptop’s or Kouki’s field of vision. He didn’t want to get angry or point fingers—but he couldn’t keep the small things that ate at him cooped up for much longer.

“The way everyone blamed her… the way everyone was attacking her and calling her such hurtful names… isn’t all of this truly the fault of Monobear and the mastermind keeping us cooped up here? We shouldn’t be fighting and pointing fingers at one another like this… I… I don’t like it…

The way Chiri speaks so passionately about his friend— Kouki almost envies it. Almost.

Ah, you have a point. She was probably nicer than her actions entailed. But-  And he catches himself. There was no excuse for what he did. When he thought about it, his behavior was just as awful as the culprit’s, in some way. At first he thought: “Don’t I have the right to be mad?” But now, all he thinks is: “I don’t.” So his dismissal is no surprise, at least not to himself. 

Nevermind, I shouldn’t have said what I said. He whispers, bitterly: I didn’t mean as much as I thought to the victim anyway. And raises his voice: I went over the line— And now he mumbles oh so quietly: I should have stayed detached…,so that he can’t be judged by anything other than his nasty, rude words back at the trial. Though, self-pity was always something he found himself drowning in. He bites his lip. Maybe he should learn how to swim, then.

Glares. He wouldn’t have minded them at all- he’s so used to them by now. But he doesn’t notice, so he continues on thinking that Chiri isn’t mad until he speaks again. And that makes him think.

I guess it wasn’t her fault. At the very least, not entirely. I’d probably be shot dead if someone heard me say that, though, right? Haha… Anger is more of a spur of the moment kind of deal, though. Can you really blame them for being angry— his own previous excuse— is what he tries to communicate. He can comprehend the dislike for pointing fingers- after all, who would enjoy what that entails? But he can also attempt to comprehend, and almost grasp why the others acted the way they did.

Out of all of us, I supposed Keiji was the most just, then? Since he tried to stop us.

…He stands up, leans over the injured boy, and types something really quickly.

Sorry for calling you a bitch. - Kouki Kichiro ■

Why though?



Kichiro Kouki. Super High School Level Bad Luck. Chiri remembered now—but before he could say anything, the other promptly began stuffing his arm into the suspicious pillowcase he had tucked under his hold. At first, there was a small pang of suspicion, but the jokester knew better than to cry wolf—he had to trust his fellow peers better than that. Curiously titling his head as he tried to make heads or tails of this, his mouth went agape just slightly at the cute little computer placed before him. 


She was just like Shiori now—a digitalized reincarnation of her personality and consciousness preserved within the confines of a laptop…Miraculous. How did this work? And who was doing this all? The mastermind, no doubt. But despite the uncanny resemblance, Chiri recalled Shiori’s explination to him—they weren’t entirely the same. He couldn’t feel her, and the memories were simply data and pre-rendered code. —Right, right. She couldn’t hear him either. It was best that he got typing.

Yeah, it’s me! Um, don’t worry. I’m alive somehow.

Even when simply scrawling his hands across the keyboard he was an awkward dunce. Get it together… With a sigh, he offered a disconsolate smile and typed again.

I’m so sorry Imouto. Even after I promised you, I still couldn’t protect you… I failed. Both as a friend and big brother. You didn’t deserve to have that happen to you… I didn’t want anyone else to die again. 

A small smile spread across his face. He’d done something right. That’s a nice feeling.

Yeah, that’s her. Kind of.

And he placed the laptop in Chiri’s lap, so that it’s easier for him to type. He also moves to sit down on the floor, making sure he can still see the conversation from where he’s at.

…Why’d you care about her so much again?

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Why though?


The visits were slim, and though it was more than enough for his peers to even think of him at a time like this, after they came and finished their respects, it did get a little lonely being stuck in such an eerily quiet corridor. Chiri had forgotten what it felt like to be honestly lonesome. There wasn’t even a book to read or something to take his mind off the buzzing silence filling his head.

Aah, he wanted to be able to get up and move around again soon…

Regardless of his wishes, time passed, and just when a nap seemed to be the only appropriate way to spend his subjective quarentine, footsteps were soon approaching, as well as the soft creak of the door knob turning—a visitor…! Blinking his dark optics awake and sitting up some, Chiri waited in almost nervous anticipation to see whom it was—albeit once he entered the room, the jokester couldn’t quite put a correct name to the face automatically, only spouting out the first thing that came to mind.

image ”Ah.. Bad Luck…?”


He’s just a bit surprised.

Yeah. He makes no effort to correct him, or remind him of his name. He has more important things to attend to.

Closing the door behind him, he walks up to the other boy and opens up the pillowcase. As soon as he’s got Momokotop in his hands, he drops the pillow and opens the laptop, starting it up. He makes sure that, while it does, it’s facing Chiri.

Brought something for you. 

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Why though?


Opening her eyes, Momoko looked at Kouki through the screen with an almost pleading expression.

I just want to see Chiri. 

Do whatever you think you need to do. 

Right. Will do. 

With this, Kouki shuts the laptop down after a moment’s hesitation, and at first, he’s just going to leave with it in his hands. But he becomes nervous. What if someone sees him with the laptop and questions where he got it…?

He grabs a pillow and opens the pillow casing, placing the now closed laptop inside of it. After zipping it back up, he heads for the infirmary.

——Time Skip——

He opens the door to the infirmary and looks inside.


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Why though?


Momoko squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to focus.

So you could take my laptop—er, I guess me—out of my room? 

Is it—am I—connected to a power source or anything? 

This was all very difficult to take in… But if it meant seeing Chiri, Momoko was willing to try anything.

No, you aren’t. 

And I don’t see a charger, so we’ll have to shut you off until we get there to save the battery— assuming you run on that…? 

He furrows his eyebrows.

I see how this is confusing now. 

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Why though?


Momoko’s mouth dropped open as suddenly another wave of distant memories hit her. The one person who tried to save her…

That had to be—


Is he alive? I mean of course he is, if you can take me to see him… 

Unless he’s a laptop too… 

Shit! This is all too confusing! 

I think he’s alive, yeah. 

Monobear said he was in the infirmary or something. 

I can take you to see him, but we’d have to be…sneaky about it? I guess. 

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Why though?



Give me a reason to help you and maybe I will. 

Momoko crossed her arms—or, she felt like she did. The phantom feeling of an expression she so often exhibited came to her, and she wondered if Kouki could even see her.

But she wondered even more just how she could search the files using her own… would it be her own mind? Momoko was good with technology, but this was something entirely new to her.

There could be a way for him to get her to do it, he thinks, But he has to mull over it for a second. 

I could take you to see the one person who tried to save you, if you want.