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Super High School Level Bad Luck


okay so as most of you know, originally, kouki was supposed to be a girl. the first image is what he was supposed to look like (drawn way back in sbt1, compare the first image in his app with the first in this set), and the second is a quick doodle i did just now.

i cant put a read more so blacklist tw: long post?? i guess sorry guys putting it here bc it relates to my character uhM

okay so originally, kouki was supposed to be this cheerful, silly girl! but she was a huge pessimist and a hardcore realist, too. she said terrible, depressing things all with a smile on her face! she rarely ever does anything but smile, actually, because she believes that things will get better if she grins and bears (bares?) it- at least, that’s what she’s been told. just grin and bear it, kichiro. that’s what she’s done through all of her bad luck- she’s just. dealed with it in her own way. her smile’s become a coping mechanism, to be honest, much like kouki’s automatic assumption that things will go bad. it’s so that he doesn’t get his hopes up. while his fem self gets her hopes way up, and then spirals down into despair, fighting against it all the while.

i never decided on a female name for her i guess bc i didnt pick out a name until i genbended her into what you all know now as kouki

she was far more interesting in my opinion- her backstory would have probably been different too. 

ok enough about personality onto the more obvious ones. kouki is basically as haru has said, made of twigs. well, kouki/she was orignally supposed to be petite in weight and all, because she didn’t eat much, buuuut i think her being a little bit…fuller? would be best. she eats a lot to comfort herself, probably why she’s like that. like i said, she’s very different from kouki.

she’d also…have better fashion sense, too, probably.

she’s pretty exciteable, though. uh. that’s it i guess bye sorry

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